Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pineapple bun

I met this family on Taipei MRT. The little girl talks to her Mom in Chinese and her Dad in French or Italian(I couldn't tell...) She was playing on her Dad's lap, and her Mom looks very tired. All of a sudden, she rembered that she had a pineapple bun, which she already took a bite. She gave it to her Mom, which made her Mom very annoyed, so she threw bun to the Dad, and gave him an angry look. The Dad smile, and the little looked the bun back and keep playing with her Dad..........It's hard to understand what kids are thinking.

Extreme Sports

Seems like extreme sports is not very popular in Taiwan. Last weekend I walked by an extreme sports park, usually in LA, the park would always be crowed, but here there were only two or three kids riding there bikes around. The bikes were not the proper sports bike, but the standard commute bike for students, which is very common in Taiwan: An women's bike with a basket in front, a basketball is tuked inside the basket, an CD tied in front of the basket, which works as an reflector, and an yellow raincoat is clipped to the back seat. It couldn't fly, couldn't jump, couldn't make a 360 in the air, and made squeaking noise when it braked. It looked very dangerous, but maybe it suited the spirit of "Extreme"?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

marsbit vs marrot !

Stop!This is not the place to grow carrot!